• Weekend Farmgirl Journal Entry No. 4

    When life throws you a curve. My plan was to spend time at the ranch this weekend, but instead, I was at the hospital with my Momma. Friday morning she suffered a mild stroke. She has had several small strokes over the last months that she has quickly bounced back from, but this one required an overnight… [Continue Reading]

    Weekend Farmgirl Journal Entry No. 4
  • Weekend Farmgirl Journal Entry No. 3

    Journal Entry No. 3: The tenant who is currently residing on the ranch has been taking in rescues and these cuties make the best welcoming committee. I’m hoping that she will be leaving some of these guys behind when she vacates in a few weeks. I have a lot of reading and research to do… [Continue Reading]

    Weekend Farmgirl Journal Entry No. 3
  • Weekend Farmgirl Journal Entry No. 2

    Journal Entry No. 2 Making a list of what to buy for the ranch. Boots were #1 on the list. Purchased these big boys on-line but they’re too big so back they go. Hehe – love the camo and pink. Note to self: take time for walking meditations but avoid the rattlesnakes.  

    Weekend Farmgirl Journal Entry No. 2
  • Weekend Farmgirl Journal Entry No. 1

    Journal Entry No. 1: Be careful what you wish for. If you’ve read my farm life. page, you know that an awesome new place to call home has come my way.  I only caution you because the Universe has some splendid plans for us when we get out of the way. Never in my wildest… [Continue Reading]

    Weekend Farmgirl Journal Entry No. 1
  • Father’s Day

    My adorable Dad passed away last weekend. As happens so many times in my everyday life, I am so very grateful to be guided by my intuition. That morning was no different. During my morning meditations, I heard repeatedly “call your Dad, call your Dad”. After meditation time, I called and spoke to my step-mom… [Continue Reading]

    Father’s Day
  • Perspective

    by Tiffany Windsor I find that life delivers us messages in the most unique ways. I hadn’t even thought to look up, but from the young boy’s perspective in a carefree sprawl on the chair, he had found his treasure, a wayward helium balloon stopped in its upward quest by the airport ceiling. “I want… [Continue Reading]

  • Mindful Meditation

    I recently embarked on adding Transcendental Meditation into my daily life. It’s still very new to me and I’m finding right off the bat, I’m challenged with balancing work, home and meditation time. The routine is supposed to be to spend at least 10 minutes meditating in both the morning and the evening. That doesn’t… [Continue Reading]

    Mindful Meditation
  • Raw Doesn’t Have to Mean Carrots and Celery

    When I moved back to California several years ago, I became very intrigued with my grand-nephew’s interest in eating “raw” and juicing. I have been vegetarian and vegan off and on in my adult years but had never been interested in learning more about a raw diet. I was under the mistaken impression that raw… [Continue Reading]

    Raw Doesn’t Have to Mean Carrots and Celery
  • Drama Free

    by Tiffany Windsor Remember drama class from high school days? Have you ever noticed how we get distracted from truly living our lives? We get caught up in the dramas which pop up all around us. To me, dramas are like life’s sideshows. The distractions that keep us from our life focus. It’s so enticing… [Continue Reading]

    Drama Free
  • Listen to Your Body

    For those who have known me for a long time or even a short time, you know that healthy eating is important to me. So many people say to me “you must have incredible will power” but for me, it’s not at all about will power but more about listening to my body. When I… [Continue Reading]

    Listen to Your Body